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OMG, iPhone still won't back up and Apple says wait for an update or reload the phone (which takes over 24 hours)

Wednesday, Jul 12, 2017 01:15 PM
Duration 40 minutes 48 seconds

Thanks for contacting iOS. My name is Donovan. How can I help you?

Hi Donavan. I have an open case. my iphone won't back up to the cloud any more. hasn't backuped in over a month. just checking on the status of my open case to see what is going on

Hi Paul, I can help you with that previous case and your phone backup issues. Give me a moment to look over the notes.

Thank you Paul for holding so I can catch myself up, so it looks like they reached out to our senior support for a fix to this account issues. I’m going to be reaching back out to senior support to get the status. Over a month seems way to long not to get contacted back.

no, no, my phone hasn't backed up to the cloud in over a month. i only reported the issue maybe a week ago :)

Ohh okay thanks for verifying that. Okay give me just a moment so we can see where we are at with this iClo…

iPhone still won't back up and is still randonly restarting

Friday, Jul 07, 2017 01:37 PM Duration 144 minutes 48 seconds Marquis Thanks for contacting iOS. My name is Marquis. How can I help you? ME: Good morning Marquis ME: I have an open case 100227094960. Bart is the tech and he should be back at work, his schedule is Friday thru sunday 11 Eastern Marquis Good morning Paul! ME: trying to see if I can get back in contact with him to continue my support? Marquis Okay no worries please bear with me 2-3 minutes while I look over your information and I’ll see what I’ll be able to do in regards to getting you back in contact with him. Marquis Thanks for your patience, just to clarify I am looking some of the information over from your previous case with Bart. Is this about your iPhone unexpectedly restarting, correct? ME: yup ME: I had emailed him some information about what was happening when the phone crashed and when ME: like he asked Marquis Okay! ME: also, i followed his instructions to press both volume buttons and the power bu…