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OMG, iPhone still won't back up and Apple says wait for an update or reload the phone (which takes over 24 hours)

Wednesday, Jul 12, 2017 01:15 PM
Duration 40 minutes 48 seconds

Thanks for contacting iOS. My name is Donovan. How can I help you?

Hi Donavan. I have an open case. my iphone won't back up to the cloud any more. hasn't backuped in over a month. just checking on the status of my open case to see what is going on

Hi Paul, I can help you with that previous case and your phone backup issues. Give me a moment to look over the notes.

Thank you Paul for holding so I can catch myself up, so it looks like they reached out to our senior support for a fix to this account issues. I’m going to be reaching back out to senior support to get the status. Over a month seems way to long not to get contacted back.

no, no, my phone hasn't backed up to the cloud in over a month. i only reported the issue maybe a week ago :)

Ohh okay thanks for verifying that. Okay give me just a moment so we can see where we are at with this iClo…
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iPhone still won't back up and is still randonly restarting

Friday, Jul 07, 2017 01:37 PM Duration 144 minutes 48 seconds Marquis Thanks for contacting iOS. My name is Marquis. How can I help you? ME: Good morning Marquis ME: I have an open case 100227094960. Bart is the tech and he should be back at work, his schedule is Friday thru sunday 11 Eastern Marquis Good morning Paul! ME: trying to see if I can get back in contact with him to continue my support? Marquis Okay no worries please bear with me 2-3 minutes while I look over your information and I’ll see what I’ll be able to do in regards to getting you back in contact with him. Marquis Thanks for your patience, just to clarify I am looking some of the information over from your previous case with Bart. Is this about your iPhone unexpectedly restarting, correct? ME: yup ME: I had emailed him some information about what was happening when the phone crashed and when ME: like he asked Marquis Okay! ME: also, i followed his instructions to press both volume buttons and the power bu…

iPhone won't back up to the icloud in over a month :(

Wednesday, Jul 05, 2017 06:46 PM Duration 65 minutes 41 seconds Samakae Thanks for contacting iOS. My name is Samakae. How can I help you? Samakae Hello how are you doing today? ME: Hi Samakae, my iphone won't back up to icloud anymore. hasn't backed up since 6/2/17 ME: I'm not doing good ME: but that's not your fault Samakae I would be happy to help resolve this issue today! I may have a few questions to ensure I’m assisting to the best of my abilities, sound good? ME: yup ME: ask away Samakae Okay how long has this issue been going on? ME: ummm, since 6/2/17 at 11:40pm when the last time it backed up to icloude Samakae Okay . No does your device backup on its own? ME: yes, I backed it up to a computer about 2 hours ago Samakae Okay and when you backed it up to the computer what is it saying? Samakae Are you using iCloud with iOS, macOS, or Windows? ME: ummm, I connect the iphone to a laptop computers, I opened iTunes, I clicked on the "back up no…

Waiting for a Tow Truck from Agero and Progressive forever

Paul: Initial Question/Comment: I have been waiting over 4 fours for a tow truck from roadside assistance. Is this the kind of customer service I should expect from Progressive?
System: A consultant will be with you in just a moment.
System: Joe C has joined this session!
System: Connected with Joe C. Your reference number for this chat session is 4672848.
Joe C: Hi Paul, my name is Joe. Thanks for chatting with us today! Give me just a moment to pull up your policy.
Joe C: Hello Paul! I'm sorry your tow truck hasn't arrived. Have you contacted Agero to let them know?
Paul: of course I have contact them over and over and over and over and every time, the response is "we are in traffic, it will be 30 minutes more"
Paul: so I am pretty much screwed
Paul: right?
Paul: I am at the mercy of the tow truck driver and their feeble lame stories
Paul: right?
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Dell MFP 2335dn Fuser Error

Ok, so we have this Dell MFP 2335dn which is about 2 years old. And today up comes a "Fuser Error".

So, I do the usual, google Fuser Error 2335 and it gives me a link to Dell's (cheesy) tech support site. It says open the back door (and show's a broken link to a what-I-assume-must-have-been picture of the back door). Step 2 - open the fuser door, with another broken link image) - Step 3, close the doors, power on.

Of course, this doesn't fix the problem, so now I have to actually call Dell Tech Support - ON NO!.

So I call, and while on hold for the first person, I decide to check the warranty on the printer, remembering that I had actually purchased the extended warranty on this machine because of past bad experienced with Dell MFP machines.......guess what, the warranty expired exactly 10 days ago!!! SHIT!

Ok, so of course, the first guy picks up the phone, asks me all the usual information, service tag, name, company name, email address, call back number, s…

reset sync history?

Ok, we are trying to sync after we reset sync history. Of course it is not working. He asked me for my suggestion, which of course is to send me a 3GS. He said he can't

Next step is to try a restore. But if we restore and then load 3.0, aren't we going to be at the same place?

He wants to try a restore!!! I FUCKING HATE APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!